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The Ghost of Ethel Rosenberg


Beautiful song from Activist/songwriter David Rovics. (Lyrics at site or here.)

Historical note: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1953 for espionage. During a period in American history known as the “Red Scare”, anti-semitism and anti-communism were more significant than any evidence in convicting them. Their execution was as much for refusing to identify other communists as the crime of which they were accused.

Legal scholars recently revealed

-an FBI memo (July 17, 1950) that determined there was “insufficient evidence” to arrest Ethel Rosenberg, but she could be used as “a lever against her husband”.

-The Assistant Attorney General reportedly informed the Committee that it was “important” that Julius be “under the shadow of a death penalty,” which “is about the only thing you can use as a lever on these people.”

-“if we can really break him, that he will open the gates and give us information which would lead to a lot of other individuals.”

from The Government’s Hostage: The Conviction and Execution of Ethel Rosenberg (15 Dec 2016)


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