Imagine A World Without Hate

This powerful anti-bullying video had me weeping.


After Ever After: modern minstrel Jon Cozart

At the moment, three of Jon Cozart’s songs are in the comedy top ten of iTunes (America). Yesterday he was interviewed on Huffington Post live about the making of his Disney parody viral video called “After Ever After”.

His Facebook biography says simply: Succeeding at YouTube. Failing at life.


Self-deprecating humor aside, Cozart (aka Paint) is one of an army of talented breakout artists who having failed to be enveloped by the mainstream corporate media, (see Cozart’s failed audition for Glee and other amazing vids at simply refuse to give up the stage and slip into obscurity.

We and the world are better for these rejections.


Distribution and actually making a so-called living are (sometimes) more difficult for the artist than when a studio owns, molds and directs the talent and gives them a sliver of the earnings in the form of a “paycheck”. But with corporate cash (read masters) comes conformity and complacency. Audiences and artist alike are guaranteed homogeneous productions where the musicians are tailored to sound like each other and then if they become at all successful are tailored to sound “like themselves”. So that audiences can recognize “the brand” immediately. Diversity dilutes branding.

Youtube and tipjoy and kickstarter and various social media combined with small venues (coffeehouses, pubs or house concerts) help subvert the corporate paradigm and put art and artists back with the people and keep the traveling minstrel show traveling without, or with minimal, patronage.

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