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G. L. Morrison

Owner of “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” Bakery, Aaron Klein, admits that he refused to complete the order for a wedding cake when he found out the nuptials included two brides. He denies that quoted scripture at the couple and referred to the rebuffed customers as “abominations”. His credibility may be shot by his own vitriolic comments on his business Facebook page in which he tossed off a rant against his detractors that included racial slurs and referred to women as hoes and hippos. The screenshot is making the rounds. They’ve taken down their Facebook page as of this posting. While Melissa and Aaron may face a fine for their illegal business practice, their hateful behavior actually sparked a cultish following among fellow bigots.

Aaron Klein rested his arms atop the empty display case in his Gresham bakery, exhausted after his busiest and most profitable day in nearly five…

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