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Tennessee’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Is Back, Now Also Requires Teachers To Out LGBT Students To Their Parents

Posted by T. Steelman

“Don’t say gay!!!”; photo courtesy of The Advocate @Nashville Scene

“Don’t say gay!!!”; photo courtesy of The Advocate @Nashville Scene

Remember the “Don’t Say Gay” bill from last year? It was introduced to the Tennessee legislature and passed the Senate but the session ended before it was voted on by the House. We thought it was dead. Well, raise the alarm because it’s back and, like a zombie, yuckier than ever.

There’s a new provision in SB 234. Oh, it still keeps teachers from even mentioning “the gay” in class but now it’s been super-sized to include a new clause. Teachers and counselors will be required to inform parents if their child says he or she is LGBT. Yep, teachers and counselors would serve as snitches – and not the golden kind.

“A school counselor, nurse…

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